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Miami Pro March 2017

4th Bikini Tall

5th Fitness Tall

WBFF BodyPower May 2017

4th Bikini Tall


..? We shall see ?..

Everyday living...
Training to compete takes a strong will, hard drive and huge dedication. 
It is hugely rewarding, but it isn't a sustainable way to live.
One of the best things I have learnt and taken from my competiting journey, is how to look after my body for 'everyday living.'
- Lifting weights is the easiest way to keep my muscles toned, burning fat and improving my metabolism, amongst various other benefits.
- I love food!! I find cooking very theraputic and I also know exactly what is put in my food, making it easy to keep eating clean.
- Staying flexible with dieting whilst off-season is important.
- Staying flexible with training is essential too. 
"One day missed at the gym won't make you fat, just like one day at the gym won't make you fit"
- Eating out used to really scare me, "What can I eat thats healthy!?" But it is really simple to make sensible decisions on food choices.
Remember YOU are the customer, and restaurants will cater to your needs. 
No Gym? No Problem. Body weight exercises are underrated. Use your environment. Stairs, Trees, Poles and even gallon water bottles! If there is a will, there is a way. Don't overlook your surroundings.
If you have access to the gym, but not a personal trainer, try to make yourself knowledgable about gym exercises online.
The gym can be a dangerous place if you don't know how to use it properly. Respect the gym and it will reward you!!
- Exercise, whatever it may be, isn't just great for your physique. Exercising releases endorphines, endorphines make you happy :) 
"I really regret that workout" -said no-one....ever!!
Stay healthy and happy
Jjs x

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