Online Client Transformations... 

Just a sneak peak into their journeys... so far..!


I started working with Jess back in October 2017, where she came to me in desperation.

She had a continuous bad cycle of yo-yo diets and was desperate to try to tone up and lose weight, whilst living her life.

I worked out a workout routine based on what she was capable of; with 2 young girls under the age of 2, a full time job and a house to run.

She followed a diet plan, of foods that she and her family liked to eat and she found that following my plan didn't feel like a 'diet' it was a lifestyle!!!

These pictures are only 3 weeks apart.

The change was dramatic and easy to see. 

I'm proud to say that she still adopts the healthy eating regime and her girls are in love with the healthy treat of Peanut Butter on rice cakes with banana!

Stuck in a Rut...

Izzi came to me, stuck in a rut with her training & her weight loss. Not being able to drop weight & plateauing at a weight she was uncomfortable with.

We worked together for only 6 weeks and her stats changed dramatically!!

Stats = From 1st check in to 6th check in!

Chest: 92 cm Dropping to 88.75cm *(4cm Drop)

Waist: 86 cm Dropping to 83cm *(3cm Drop)

Top Hip: 105.5cm Dropping to 102cm (*3cm Drop)

Bottom Hip: 113 cm Dropping to 111cm *(2cm Drop)

Right Thigh: 61 cm Dropping to 60.5cm *(0.5cm Drop)

Left Thigh:61.5 cm Dropping to 60.5cm *(0.5cm Drop)

Right Bicep: 30.5 cm (same)

Left Bicep: 30cm (same)

Weight: 83.7 kg Dropping to 80.4kg (3KG WEIGHT LOSS)*****

"Thanks so much for all the support you’ve provided - I’ve just loved this programme more and more as the weeks have gone on, and feel so good about myself and my ability to work on both my body and confidence. Even at work I’ve become more outspoken and clear in asking for things that I need to help my career and this is something I never thought would come out of this. So thank you 😊 "- Izzi

Left Picture -30th Jan 2018
Right Picture - 9th Oct 2017
  • Leaner midsection

  • Better leg tone

  • Slimmer Hips

  • Leaner midsection

  • Better leg tone

  • Slimmer Hips

Leaning out & Growing Glutes

Victoria (Vic) has always had a slender frame, from a lifetime of modelling and looking after herself.

But she was desperate to grow some glutes and to lean down for her upcoming holiday.

We put in a plan of action, working twice a week on her focused areas and the results finally came through :)

Not every transformation is about weight loss.

Vic needed to increase her caloric intake of food to be able to grow lean muscle mass.

Eating more can be daunting for some people, but with the right guidance, support and communication, you can feel assured that it is all working & focused towards your main goal. 


Right Picture - 9th Oct 2017
Left Picture -30th Jan 2018
  • Narrower Waist

  • More defined back

  • Lifted & shaped glutes

***And more confidence which you can see from her stance**

Not all transformations are physical..

I worked with Susanne for a long time, whilst I worked for a corporate chain gym. I saw her twice a week and we worked on building her physical strength and preparing her for Tough Mudder competitions and other physical challenges.

When I left PTing at that gym, Susanne missed our sessions and said she had lost her fitness mojo.

The biggest thing for her was to get back into loving the gym again, finding workouts which she enjoyed doing and fitting it around her busy working mum life.

We spent 8 weeks online training & programming, with week by week improvements of not only her body, but her love of the gym again.

Working with my clients for their own individual needs is so important to me. Super proud of this lady for all her achievements!

Working with JJSFitness....

If you are looking for somewhere to start your own journey in fitness, kick start your weight loss, build some muscle, shape your body, find your fitness mojo again or just simply want to invest time into looking after yourself, send me a message via the link below and lets get you started.. x JJSFitness x