Where did February go!?!?!?

February is known for being a short month, but I can't believe it has gone already!! Crazy.

So a good update is needed!!!!

Training -

Now about to start Week 6

- I've consistently been beating all of my PBs with every session.

Squats - 80kg (5)

Deadlifts - 80kg (5)

RDLs - 50kg (12)

Elevated Lunges - 15kg Dumbells (16)

Leg Press 210kg (12)

Leg Extensions - 45kg (12)

Leg Curl 45kg (12)

Lat Pull Down - 50kg (8)

Low Row - 50kg (10)

Bicep Barbell Curl - 15kg (10)

My Coach told me that Progression Overload is of paramount importance.

Whether it is with a heavier weight or more reps.

I am feeling pretty happy with my progress so far

I've had positive comments from my coach, from my fellow cast members and of course from my boyfriend :)

My Bikini is made by myself. :)

I made my last competition bikini and loved it. (minus the sequins everywhere!) So, I decided to make my bikini again this time as I have the time and had the design in my head!!! :

Loving it so far - still got a few bits to do on it.


I've not had any changes to my diet as yet.

Although - Since it turned the 14th Feb, I have had the occasional glass of wine. (Red of course!) and when I say occasional, I mean probably 1 every 4days!!

I am now not drinking until my boyfriend comes out to Dubai next week, and then after that, only on one night out with my cast members before retuning to the UK on the 14th April.

I've just found that having that one drink (especially after not drinking for 6 weeks!) really made me feel lethargic and I had less motivation in the morning to get up and train. I didn't like it!!!!

So although I like having a drink, my priorities of training, winning WBFF and hopefully getting my Pro-card definintely take presidence!!!

I didnt miss Pancake day! I made my own :) Protein pancake. (As pictured above!!!)

Still loving my diet & nutrition plan. It's crazy how much I am eating - but it is all good stuff..!

Only 13weeks left until WBFF Competition.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feeling in so much more of a better position, than my last competition prep! I still have 13 weeks left and I am leaner and stronger than I was at 4 weeks out last year!

Keep your eyes on the prize and Stay Hungry

Jen xx