So as you all know, I competed in WBFF UK 2015 Bikini Tall division back in May.

Unforunately I didn't place this time.

I think, judging on who placed this time, I probably wasn't lean enough, or even too muscular. I have gained a lot more muscle during this prep, which I am happy about, but it meant that I ws bigger on stage than others in my category.

I am proud of how I look and I felt amazing on stage.

I also was really proud of my bikini (which I made myself!!)

My Coach for this years prep was Wesley Santos.

Nutrition/Diet Plan and an 18 week gym programme (online and in person!)

He owns his own gym 'Silvermere Strength and Fitness' in Weybridge.

My posing coach was the amazing Audrey Kaipio.

Check her out on Instagram and Facebook.


Gym motivation and sponsorship

GYMVERSUS - The athletes who motivate me everyday. Fellow WBFF competitors, UKBFF Athletes and the best Protein Chef in the world!!!!!!!!