Day #1

So today is the start of my Competition Tracking for this Blog/Vlog.

Day & Time

Thursday 20th July 2017 - 4pm


- Excited to start my official workouts (from my WBFF Prep coach - Domin8)

Feeling pretty full from all the food I am still on. Not a huge amount of kcal but eating carbs (which I don't usually do) has got me feeling really full.


- This morning I went to the Pure Gym down the road and did 30mins Fasted Cardio on the Stepper.

- As soon as I have finished this, I am training Leg(ish) from my plan.


- LOMAX Cocoon, City of London


- 1st meal after Fasted Cardio 10am

- 2nd meal 12:30pm

- 3rd meal 3pm

Now to have pre-workout food :)

Post work-out shake & still 2 more meals to go

Right - Lets get this DONE....!!!!!!!

Check in at 9am tomorrow with Coach (1st check in of this prep!!)

Will be posting progress pictures on here tomorrow - NO HIDING!!!!