On the move - On Prep.!

It's so important to keep my life as normal as possible during prep. 

For me means - 

I want to still be able to go out & about, travel to new places, go out & celebrate birthdays and keep living my life, whilst on prep.

Today I am off to a Pilot launch of a fitness concept....💭🤔

-----> 'ORGANISATION' <----- 

Pre planning.. ✔️

You've all heard the quote

"Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail..." - which is so true.

Thinking ahead & planning ahead is so important for me. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE living in the moment & being spontaneous.... (Can be dangerous on pay day when I have hold of my passport).....but I like to know that I am always covered when it comes to my nutrition. No stressing!! I probably spend 2x2hrs a week food prepping. Bulk cooking, mostly protein & carbs sources, to weigh out quantities to fit my macros & store in tupperwear. So being out & about today, I know I won't be missing any meals & I will be hitting all my required macros for my WBFF Worlds Prep...(under 5weeks out now) 💪🏼 

#jjsfit 💚