Why do you do what you do..?

Yesterday, the cashier at the supermarket asked me what I did for my job as I looked fit & healthy (and clearly had a belt full of lean protein & clean foods)

This is how the conversation continued after I said I was a PT.

Man: I don't like the gym. I've not been for so long. 

Is it true that most PTs charge £40per hour?

Me: Self employed Personal trainers can charge what they believe their session is worth. For example, I charge more than £40.  

Man: Whatttt.!?? But don't you think that is too expensive?

Me: No. I don't.

Man: I'm in the wrong job.... I'm going to quit & be a PT. 

Me: But you said you don't like the Gym!

Why would you spend your time doing a job that you don't like..? You have to find what you love & what makes your heart & head happy.

I mean, what is your passion? What would you want to do?

Man: I want to own a cafe. To have a breakfast bar and serve healthy takeaways.

Me: Then keep working towards that goal. Wake up every morning & think of it. Tell people around you that's what you want & you will subconsciously follow a path that will lead you towards it.... 🙏🏼


After paying for my shopping, he genuinely thanked me & I felt that his eyes & his mind had been opened to see a bigger world than the one he currently lived in.


Keep dreaming, Keep pushing & Keep growing!!!



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