National Hump Day.!!

It's Wednesday. 

Meaning it's MID week...

Meaning it's Hump day....

But basically....just a Wednesday. 

So yesterday was Leg (ass) day for me Training wise; and OMG my ass was in fire.!!! 😈🔥 Love it.

I had such a busy day -

• Up 6:45 for fasted cardio.

• Home to prep food for the day

• Off out to get my eyebrows done for photoshoots/holiday this week

• Whole day of work (6hrs of clients: busiest day at my new job so far!) plus writing my Dads diet plan for Wedding Prep 🙏🏼👰🏼 (Sisters wedding!)

• Finish at 8pm to head to the gym, to annihilate my ass cheeks.

• Finally home to eat my last meal at 10:30pm.!!! 

Up at 5:45 for posing check in with my coach & out of the door 6:15 to get to work.

#neverstops #dontwantitto

Date: Wednesday 26th July

Time: 7:45am

Location: Spin Bike at Lomax Cocoon, London

Training: Currently Fasted Cardio 30mins

Later today --> Full Body 💪🏼🔥

Mood: Slightly tired eyes (from lack of sleep) but my brain is fired & full of drive.!!!! #motivateyourself 

4.5 Weeks Out.!!

#jjsfit 💚

#ass #Booty #Glutes #Humpday #Happyhumpday #Midweek #Motivation #Legday


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