Transformation Tuesday...

✨Tuesday Transformation ✨ Post from Instagram...@jjstone_personal

- ⬅️Photo on the left. I had been working, as a dancer, for 4months in China, some time in Sri Lanka & a then went on a weeks holiday to Greece. I was getting up religiously to do fasted cardio for an hour & abs for 30mins EVERY morning. (No visible abs!) Minimal weight lifting & eating what I thought was clean. Emotional & Anxious - for my job, career & nervous to go out for dinners and eat "normal" food & put on weight. Weight in photo- 133lbs (60kg) - - ➡️Flash forward 4yrs to the girl on the right. Personal trainer, Bikini competitor with @wbff_official, pilates instructor & living life to the max.! 30mins Fasted Cardio a day (when on prep) & Lifting Heavy weights, minimal ab training and notice some visible abs, from eating clean 80% of the time. Supplementing any deficit diets with good supplements @bpi_sports_uk & protein rich foods. Weight in photo - 135lbs (61kg)



I am so happy with my lifestyle change, but I wouldn't change any of my experiences for the world. All of them shaped me into who I am today. 🙏🏼 

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