Vacaylog Day #2

Day #2


Up at 5:30 to get ready for a photoshoot down in Puerto Banus.

Packed ready: make up went well: hair on point...✔️

Then down at the port - some pesky, misty cloud came rolling in from nowhere and made my sleek locks turn into a literal frizzball cloud around my face.! 


So it was back to the hotel:

For me to sort my hair & also to do some pool shots - which actually turned out really well :) 

Post pool shoot - (more hair sorting) then breakfast with the Mr & our photographer, before getting a car to San Pedro to continue shooting.

Street pics, Beach lazing, Greenery Amazonia, Sea frolicking and Couple Goal pics.... all amazing shots.

So excited to share them all with you.

Keep your eyes peeled.....


Sneak peak below.!!!


Due to a late evening (1:30am bed) & an early rise (5:30am) I didn't get to do fasted cardio.... but it's been a very active day and I have made up for it with 45mins uphill walk, post back weights session.

Date: Friday 28th July

Time: 21:00 (GMT+1)


Marbella, Puerto Banus, San Pedro

Training: Back and Cardio at M13 Marbella


Feeling a bit flat. Mentally - but thinking it is due to factors listed below.

Yesterday was a 24hr day of being away...which I think caused me water retention and also to eat more (clean but more) than usual, due to being awake so long.

Then only being able to sleep for 4hrs last night also contributed to water rentention and being tired today.

No over eating though - it's now. 9:15pm & I have two meals & a protein shake to consume.

Currently uphill walking on the treadmill whilst writing this blog. #twostonesandall

Checked in with my coach: who is happy we are going in the right direction, but just needing to tighten up on diet & add 10min more AM cardio. 💪🏼

4 weeks out.!!!! Let's do this.!

#jjsfit 💚