Prep life - 😈/😇

Living a life on prep is hard right.!??


It's all about balance.

I have always believed that prep should be a part of your life - an added extra - with only some small sacrifices.

For me - that means...

No "bad food" unless allowed a cheat meal.

Doing cardio EVERYDAY - No excuses

Dedicating time to get your food prep done. Shop, cook and prepare it in Tupperware. 

Saying NO to tempting treats and things that will mean cheating on your prep.

It doesn't mean that:

• You have to curl up in bubble wrap and protect your body

• You cannot socialise. Going out and drinking alcohol is a no no, but going out to dance and have a good time with friends is a yes yes. Burn those extra kcal on the dance floor.!!!

• You have to avoid food dates. Most restaurants will cater to your needs.!!!

If not - head to Nando's.

However -

These, to me, are small changes-

I like to eat clean 80% of the time, so 15% more is easier.

I workout daily in off season (not on prep!) because I enjoy it and also to make some "off season gains" and improvements to my physique for the next competition.

I go out - YES I DO - and I dance with my friends. I even take my prep food (if I am driving) and excuse myself for 15mins, to go and eat it in the car.

For example:

My friends birthday - 14days before BodyPower... I went out, May Day weekend to Southampton & Chelsea the next day.

Both evenings, taking my food & excusing myself for 15... no one even cared and it also gave a new topic of conversation to the group.

Today is OCEAN BEACH CLUB champagne spray party. 

I am going 😊 But I will be leaving for 30mins, to go back to my hotel, to eat a meal

Why not just wing it for the day?

No. Because, I have no need or want to deviate from my journey towards my goal.

This works for me, because I have made fitness and clean eating a lifestyle. I love it.

I love being on prep & I love being off prep.

If you don't - then the competition lifestyle is not for you.

You have to LOVE what you do.!

#jjsfit 💚

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