During this holiday, it has become so apparent to me how warped society has become in regards to nutrition and it's perception of "normality"

3 separate issues I want to address "vent" about. 

Please feel free to let me know your thoughts... 💭👌🏼 

Good or Bad. ✔️❌

I'm utterly shocked at how it is so acceptable to eat rubbish and be hungover yet choosing to eat cleanly, not drink alcohol and god forbid, actually do exercise on holiday, is thought of as "weird" 🤔


So at this pool party on Sunday, some guys rocked up feeling so bad from drinking the night before, all craving stodgy sugar ladened food and complaining about how awful they felt (Due to a heavy night out previously) - 

When I ordered my plain salmon salad & sat there happily sipping on my litres of water -

One of the guys turned to me and said.

"You must find it really hard to be on holiday & must hate your life right now. 

Are you even enjoying yourself.?"


My response:

"So today, I woke up at 8am, went to the gym, had my breakfast at the hotel, got ready in my room dancing around to Old Skool Ne-Yo & Usher, came down to the pool and now enjoying myself with my friends....

What part of that isn't enjoyable.!?"

Him: "...but you aren't drinking or eating normally.... how can you be enjoying yourself.!?"

Me: "So you woke up, at 1pm, with a really dry mouth, sore head and dull mood from your heavy night out. You are now here, eating pizza & having alcohol sweats.... but yet you ask me whether I am enjoying myself.!? Are you loving your life and how you feel right now? 🤔👌🏼"

He then didn't respond.... but continued to eat and drink his "normal" food. 😂


It was so lovely to have so many people come up to me and complimented me on my figure. 

"How do you get legs/bum like that?"

"Are you a fitness model?"

"Do you go to the gym?"

"Do you train.?"



So when a girl turned round to me & commented about my nutrition choice & how sorry she felt for me because it must be "so hard" for me:

I wanted to turn around and say;

"So how many people have come up to you & commented/complimented you on your physique!?"

However - my response was simply; 

"No, I like eating healthily :)"

But it did prompt this Blog Post...


Lastly 3️⃣

Just sat, at Burger King, whilst my friend ordered her breakfast & I overheard a conversation between a family. 

(Mum, Dad and their two young children boy8, girl4 approx)


"We love burgers don't we"




(To the little girl)

"Why are you not eating? You will be hungry later, eat those chippies"

Daughter: (shook her head and carried on playing with her toy)


"We won't have time to get anything, so you better eat a burger or those chips now. Go on..."

Daughter: (picked up a chip, chewed on or and put it back down) 


Shared words/noises and mutual disappointment in their daughters lack of interest in the food....😒

Me: INSIDE; rejoicing!... don't eat that food little girl.👏🏼

Malaga is a LARGE airport with a wide variety of food & retail shops. 

There are various bars, a Costa/Starbucks/Delice de France, Caffe Ritazza etc which all sell nutritious food options. 

It baffles me how this family were teaching their young girl to;

1- Eat when she may not be hungry

2- Eat 'chippies' as though they are healthy

3- Showing disappointment in their daughter for not wanting to eat the food.

4- Basically threatening her to eat.!!

But it's fine - she needs to just eat something right.!? 🤔🤦🏽‍♀️

She needs to eat to not be hungry later.


Feel free to send me your thoughts on any of the topics.

I'm interested to hear your opinions/views.

#jjsfit 💚

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