Vacaylog Day #3

Sunday 30th July.

Last night was not great for me.!

Lesson learnt - do not consume chicken which has not been kept in the fridge in a hot country.!!

I was up being violently ill for 45mins - not nice! But once it was out of my system, I was back to health - just a bit dehydrated.

So on the treadmill for my uphill walk (fasted cardio) and then a day at Ocean Beach club for a pool party.

I had my food prepped back at the hotel and I was ready to leave the party half way through, however there was no re-admission.!!!

So I had to be clever with my food choices and be that "fussy" girl who orders a salad and no dressing.

But - I am a long way past worrying about what people think of my eating habits.

It actually makes for good conversation topics. 

➡️Check my last blog post for my thoughts on this topic.!⬅️🎓💭

No "training" for me today, weights wise, as it is rest day, but I wanted to do cardio, so did 2x45minute sessions am/pm.

Feeling good and getting leaner. 💪🏼

If you've been watching my story on IG you will see my body updates.

Next official check in with my coach is Friday.