Vacaylog #4

Last day in Marbella


Monday 31st July




8am (45min cardio) at H10

11am (weighted sessions. Shoulders) at M13

Feeling: Good. Slightly tired but excited to see the changes in my body this month.


I'm really happy with how little I have deviated from any training and my diet this holiday.

I've been pretty lucky to have found an amazing gym "M13" formerly Dorian Yates, and a food prep company "PHOSH" who looked after my nutritional needs perfectly..👌🏼

I always seem to be, perhaps, even more driven for my goals when on holiday. And I always seem to really enjoy being abroad on prep.

I've also prepped in Dubai (2yrs ago)

I think I like it because I feel that I have time...

No pressures with having to be somewhere 

No time limitations with training

No worrying about house chores

Calm mind

It was made even easier with my boyfriend being out here for half of the holiday.

I love training with him & having someone who loves & lives the lifestyle too, makes it even more enjoyable.

#jjsfit 💚