Home time...

Last night in Marbs - the girls and I went to a gorgeous restaurant for our dinner.

Oak restaurant 💙

I had a gorgeous chicken (half with no sauce) and salad. With a side of mixed grilled med veg 👌🏼 So yummy.!! 

And able to fit into my daily macro plan still.

Then Kelly and I decided to go and dance it all off...... so we headed out out for a night of dancing!

"A Little Party never killed nobody" - Dancing 💙

(Have to say I'm pretty happy with my shoulder pops!) 😜 - trained earlier that day!!!

Then we flew home yesterday morning (Tuesday) & I still managed to stay pretty much on track. 

Breakfast was perfect.

2nd meal was just missing any carbs

3rd meal was an apple & the chicken and salad from inside a baguette (chuck away the bread)

4th meal was 120g chicken from marks & a whole cucumber. (Addicted to cucumber ATM!)

Then my trip home was severely disrupted by trains... and with ever increasing anxiety of having lots to prepare and sort out.

I called the day "rest day!" - No Gym.

Considering I didn't take a day off at all (Sunday was supposed to be my rest day but I did double cardio!) I didn't feel tooooo bad about it.

Thank goodness I used my rest day on holiday as an extra day. Just meant I had flexibility yesterday to not worry. 

So walked home from Blackfriars to Elephant and Castle (with a 20kg case) ✔️ basically 2.2km cardio 

Food prepped for the next few days ✔️

ALL holiday washing done ✔️

Prepped for today's FlashMob in London (lead by me) ✔️

Bed and asleep by 11:30pm. ✔️

Long day.... but productive.!!! 


Now back to routine to GRIND.

#jjsfit 💚

#food #Shoulders #Fitness #Day


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