Midweek Checkin..

Being away on holiday was amazing -

But whilst being on prep can mess with your mind (if you let it.!)

Yes - I was that girl... 🙄

That packed my food weighing scales.

That took my own Gluten Free oats & protein powders down to the breakfast buffet in a Tupperware box.

That deshelled 5 whole eggs to just get  the egg whites

But  all because I wanted to stay on track.

However, with flying, lack of sleep, being in the heat "dehydrating", having your food prepped by someone else & using different body weight scales in a gym, is always hard to see "changes" and "improvements"

So I decided to do a midweek check in with myself.

⬅️ - #1, ⬆️#2 (5days later) ➡️ #3

2nd Aug)

Bottom two pics

⬅️ - Wed July 26th

➡️ - Wed August 2nd

I do admit that a Tan makes you look better, but there is no denying the shape starting to showing on my legs/Glutes and my abs slowly cutting back through.💪🏼 

My weight hasn't changed dramatically -

Which is always a mental game during prep... but that is why it's good to keep an eye on picture progress.

Full check in, with my coach Friday.!! 💪🏼

#jjsfit 💚