So it's 5pm, everyone is packing up their desks, shutting down laptops & closing doors of offices with a spring in their step and a grin on their face.... ....I still have 3hours of work to do.!!!

Like most people, my brain starts protesting - "Quit. Why are you here? Everyone is going home.!! Who wants to work till 8:30pm on a Friday?" But, ever the professional athlete/pt, I don my "performance face" and kill my next 3 hours of work (or should I say, next 3 clients 😈) Hand on heart, the last 3hrs went super quickly and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Why? Because of my Mental Attitude. One positive thought sparks a chain reaction in your brain which triggers positivity and happy vibes. When clients book in to see you on a Friday afternoon/evening... what is their motive? 

Some want their "pre-weekend guilt" workout

Some are working off their "Post-Thursday naughtiness"

For a few they want to take their frustrations out on their body rather than hold on to negativity from their week, over the weekend.

But ALL of them want to leave, feeling amazing. That's MY job..!!! It can be hard to tap into someone's motivations on a Friday afternoon - but thinking that they have invested their time to come to see me, for me to make them feel good about themselves, spurs me on to create killer workouts that they will enjoy. Then by the blink of an eye, it's 8:10pm and I'm leaving my gym, with a spring in my step and a grin on my face, because.....

ITS THE WEEKEND.!!! Have a good one x

#jjsfit 💚 

#friday #Work #Motivation #Feels #Mood


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