Catch up..

Apologies for the lack of coms over the past couple of days...

It's been a busy time of living.

Friday - I left work at 8:30pm and travelled down to Salisbury to spend the weekend down there.


Fasted Cardio AM, Legs PM and Chill 

Sunday - 


However, I practiced my posing routine & Alex and I went shopping, to get shoes and a white dress (not that white dress!) so that involved quite a bit of walking about.

I wasn't in a great mood sunday.

I wasn't happy with my routine & my physique. 

Right now, I'm going through this mental stage of thinking I'm not ready enough for comp. 

My weight is quite a bit higher than it has ever been (leading up to a competition) which doesn't sit too well in my head and it's not shifting either.

I didn't have massive blow out & eat EVERYTHING after my last competition and I was gymming daily, so hopefully the weight gain is lean muscle mass, but I know when I look in the mirror that that isn't truly the case.

But the only thing I can continue to do right now is eat well and train hard. 💪🏼

So Monday -

I hit the start of the week with a 6am (3x1hr back to back teaching classes) fasted, before doing my own 45min fasted cardio.

Later in the day, I tried out a new type of exercise which today, I am aching from!!

Check my next BLOG post for info on EMS.

Then evening workout consisted of a shoulder session down at my Local Pure Gym 💪🏼 wearing my favourite AIM HUGE top from my sponsor BPI. 💙

Then home to food prep for two days (it's never ending) and bed.!!

Right now - I'm half way through my stepper workout & filling you lot in.

Have a great Tuesday all x

#jjsfit 💚