CryoTherapy ❄️

Today, I did another cool thing <-- haha cool... literally.

CRYO-Technology at LondonCryo.

 What is it??

It's an innovative technology which blasts cold air (minus 140degree) onto your body to produce a drop in body temperature to encourage your body to naturally go into a state of healing.


Your blood reduces flow to your external organs, to rush to protect your heart and internal organs, which in turn produces a spike in you metabolic rate (your bodies natural response to increase your internal thermogenic temperature).

Just like when you shiver - it is your bodies natural reaction of stimulating muscles to produce heat & to keep your body temperature at its usual temperature.


Whole body cryotherapy is a three-minute treatment using extreme cold, via liquid nitrogen mist, on the body’s surface which in turn enhances positive effects on health and wellness, sports recovery, pain management and even beauty. 

(It also can help you to loose bodyfat) but it's primary aim is about HEALTH.!

Sounds cool right.!? ❄️

Go and experience it for yourself at LONDONCRYO

#jjsfit 💚

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