EMS - Electric Muscule Stimulator 🤖

Yesterday I signed up to "Class Pass" which is a great way to try out different classes in and around the London area, without being a member of every gym goon 💰💰💰

One of my PT clients from Lomax had recommended this to me and when I saw it on Class pass, I decided to head there myself and give it a go.

Down at Studio Lagree, near Moorgate, there is a room with this equipment which looks like an indoor scuba diving activity.!

I put on this thin back top & thin black bottoms and then this HUGE body suit which has been sprayed to damped...! 😳

Then I am attached up to this machine which sends electric pulses to each part of my body to stimulate muscle contractions. 

My trainer Alexsandra (@healthfoodjunkie) was so lovely & knowing I was a PT & Fitness competitor, decided to whack up the intensity pretty high for me, as she knew I would be "too stubborn" to have it not hurt 😂

This consisted of 9:3sec intervals of contractions for 20mins, whilst working out through a mixture of Deep Squats, Lunges, Burpees, Adductor lifts, some core & back work

It was the quickest 20mins of workout sweating I have ever done.!!!

At first I thought "this is easy" but as you get tired, the control over your own muscles feels like it becomes weaker and you really have to concentrate on that 'Mind to Muscle' connection to make your muscles move for you.

DOMS kicked in later that evening & waking up this morning, I can definitely feel my whole body aching 😈

Such an amazing sensation... and one which I will definitely be recommending to clients who don't feel that they can "self activate" parts of their body - ESPECIALLY their Glutes and Abs.!!

I'm planning on going twice a week, leading up to my competition as the benefits are amazing; 


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EMS benefits/info


Studio Lagree & Aleksandra 

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