🍑HumpDayHalloween 😈

Firstly Happy Hump Day, Happy MidWeek.... Happy Wednesday.....

Most importantly;

Today on social media is all about the ass. 🍑 

I never did understand this one - but being a sheep (sometimes) I will follow the crowd and post a ridiculous selfie of me, taking a picture of my ass. 😂🙈

Who am I to break a trend??

(See my IG hump pic on @jjstone_wbff_)

💭But it got me thinking; 

When did this happen? 

Did someone just randomly decide this and say "today is going to be, show the nation my ass day" ?!


Is this the weekly 'Halloween.?' 

Which now seems to be every girls excuse to dress up as a slut & not be judged.?? 


Is it a day where you can show off what you have been working on, without being judged and feel proud about your left behind?!

Thoughts? 💭✏️🖊 Go....

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