What a week (or two!)

WBFFWorlds is over for another year!!!

And what an event it was..!!!

I got to mingle with "The Best of the Best" at the Intercontinental Hotel at the O2, eat breakfast with champions (AJ Ellison World Champ Muscle Model x3, William Falade Fitness Model World Champ x2, and my champ Alex Davies!) drink with highly respected athletes from all over the world & step on stage, bringing my best package to date.

I worked with Nathan Harewood for the first time and I wish I had gone under his wing sooner. Such an inspirational and real coach.!!! 5 weeks was not enough time to work together - so plans are in place for our future collaboration.

Unfortunately - I didn't place anywhere in the bikini category. I have too much muscle for that category but need to dial in my condition now for the next <<FITNESS>> 

Each prep is a challenge and an adventure. Whatever the outcome, you have still done all of that hard work in preparation for it.!!! NO ONE can take that away from you..!

So congratulations to all Athletes for taking on WORLDS.!!  🏆💋🌎

The next year is yours to make gains and grow, mentally & physically x