Back on track...

After a week of eating everything.. (and putting on 11lbs) since show day....I am finally back on track.!!

I stepped on stage at 133lbs (4lbs heavier than my BodyPower stage weight) but hopefully muscular gains and I know I was 100% less dehydrated!!

After weighing myself on Friday (a week after stage) and being 144lbs 😱 I wanted to die.!!!

Luckily - My boyfriend brought my head back to reality & made me realise that it was mostly water weight & my muscles storing up their glycogen (carb) stores again....and not just --> FAT <-- 

So after weighing in again Monday, and after a week of training & weekend of consciously healthy eating... I am back down to 138lbs, only 5lbs over stage weight..!!!

Pretty happy as this is my comfortable "normal" weight.

I do tend to fluctuate with my weight LOTS as my body tends to hold onto water & digests food like a sloth (due to an underactive thyroid.!)

So it is important for me to go by what I see and how I feel - NOT just by weight..!! 

Excuse the early morning facials - but these two pics are comparisons from;

Monday 28th August (Tan & Black bikini top & blue bottoms) Weight 9st7lbs (133lbs)


Monday 4th August (No Tan, Red top & Yellow bottoms) Weight 9st12 (138lbs)

So more fluff & less definition, but still happy & healthy.!! 💪🏼

Now for a decent off season & to build the nest package to take on the next challenge.!!!!

#jjsfit 💚