...be an Arrow 🏹

August 3, 2017

Ever felt that you haven't reached your goal..? Not fulfilling your potential yet...?


Here is one for you:


An arrow ---> Gets pulled backwards before it is fired off into the distance.


'BE AN ARROW' 💚✔️🏹


So today is Thursday - Online media wise, this means we 'THROWBACK' to a photo, to a memory or to an event that happened in our past.


I'm using today to look back at previous photoshoots I did before my last competitions, to see where I am physically for this prep. 

Check the full Video on my IG Page





I've found this prep mentally harder than the others -

Not just because it's WORLDS 😳 - but because I have spent the majority of 2017 in a good condition, fluttering between stage lean and normal lean, it is harder to see progress.

If I had started my Worlds Prep from a complete 100% off season, I would be able to notice differences dramatically. 


My bodyfat would have start from about 20% and I may not have had much muscular tone to my body.


However, I started my prep, from pretty much 15% BF & a lean physique from my comp in May.


Thus can mean I don't see dramatic changes week to week, sometimes I don't even see any 😳👀... but others comment and I have to trust the process (& my coach!)

So one of the things I can see changes with, dramatically, is my posing.!!!!!

I have grown up on stage, as a dancer, pretending to be someone else... not being judged as me... so stepping on stage as ME, can be daunting. 


My last competition, I know that I wasn't confident enough. 

My feedback was to be more "SASSY!" 


So - - - - ->

Give me that Bow

....Ive been held back

............NOW watch me soar.!!!! 🏹🌎💕

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