Yummy Recipes & Diet Hacks

When I'm not on a super strict diet for competitions or preps, I love to get creative in the kitchen.

This doesn't mean that health and nutrition goes totally out of the window and I binge on everything and anything...

It means that I find creative ways to eat healthy foods, keeping my calories in check

and my macros managed.

Below are some recipes that I have created since my last show!!!


It's not always a chore to cook healthily - when you're shown how...

Muffiches (Muffin / Quiches!)

Base Ingredients

2 Lo Dough Wraps

210g Two Chicks Egg Whites

3 Eggs

Macros for BASE Ingredients;

Each Muffiche...

Kcal = 30kcal..!!! WHAAAAATTT?

Carbs = 0.5g 

Protein = 4g

Fats = 1g 

Fillings of choice;

1) Minced Beef, Red Pepper and Cheese

2) Mushroom Stirfry

3) Beetroot, Cheese and Spinach


Pre-heat oven to 180degrees and place coconut oil greased muffin tray in to warm.

Whisk the 3 egg & egg whites in a bowl

Cut the Lo Dough into strips of about 1 inch width (Don't worry about it being precise..!)

Remove the muffin tray from the oven and place the strips in each cup, (some of the strips cross over & poking out the sides)

Pour the egg mix into each cup (half full)

Place your chosen fillings in the cups - **Don't over fill them!

Then pour the remaining egg mixture over the top of the cups to fill to the brim

Place in the over for 15minutes (check after 10!)

I used Lo Dough for this recipe, however, you can substitute it for;

Bacon (for higher fat content)

Spinach Leaves (low fat & low carb)

Another type of wrap (higher carb content)