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Learning to appreciate your entire being,
every step of the journey, every single day!

Bring out the 'BEST YOU'...

Strength & Conditioning

S&C is the selection and development of dynamic/static exercises used to improve physical performance. Originally used by competitive athletes it's now applied more widely in the sport and fitness world.

Body Building & Sculpting

Body Building & Sculpting uses strength, weight & resistance training to focus on building core strength and muscle toning. Aids in increasing muscle mass, boosting metabolism and improving overall health and wellness.

Pilates & Fitness Pilates

Pilates is a type of mind-body exercise that concentrates on strengthening the body through structured low-impact exercises that gradually get more challenging. Pilates improves posture, balance and flexibility.

Nutrition & Weight Management Advice

Coaching surrounding nutrition and weight management involves working closely with clients to assess their wellbeing, lifestyle and nutritional health. Clients receive personalised actions-plans and supportive advice to stay on track and help them achieve their goals.

What Clients are Saying


I love that I feel different, I think that I’m starting to change my perspective on myself and this helps a lot with sticking to the plan. I can’t and won’t go back to bad habits, I’m 100% committed. I’m super motivated as I’m seeing results, I’m feeling better and really like the way it’s going. 


Having someone to report to each week is part of this program that I love and I like that you respect my rhythm and push me at the same time. It’s really hard not to fall into the judgemental trap I usually go right into, so thanks to JJ for helping me get over my imposter syndrome and the fear of not doing enough.

Coached by JJ through Strong AF


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