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My passion for health and fitness started from an early age, I was always part of the sports teams, running around the playground and attending dance classes every day after school.

My Story

At 16, I moved to London, to pursue a dance career, where I trained for long hours, every day and was pushed, physically & mentally, to be better than I was the day before!

This was the hardest 4 years, learning about my limitations, and my dreams whilst still trying to find myself as a teenager.

I struggled with weight, food, body image, self-acceptance and knowing where my place in this industry would be.

After 8 years of an exciting roller coaster career of performing, I decided to leave the dance world behind and step into the world of health and fitness.

JJS Fitness Story

After an exciting 8 year career in the performing arts industry, I took the leap into the world  of health and fitness, training to become a fitness coach at 24.

JJ Fitness Qualifications

​At 24, I trained as a Fitness coach, then continued with further training to become a Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, Pilates Instructor and Nutrition & Weight Management advisor.


​I have worked for various corporate companies and yet find that I am happiest, working for myself and with other individuals or smaller companies who care deeply about helping & educating their members & clients, rather than just seeing them as another number.

In 2020, I broke both of my wrists, during Covid & through this time out of action, it became even more apparent to me how much Fitness is not just a job, but a huge part of who I am.

My love of fitness continues to evolve, as I learn more and more, and I love how I can use my knowledge to help others achieve their own goals.

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