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The Little
Black Dress Project

Are you ready to gain confidence, hit new fitness goals and fall back in love with your body?

Then The Little Black Dress Project is for you!

The ultimate guide to look and feel like your best self whether you are showing off some skin or want to feel sexy as hell in your clothes!

This eBook has 2 x 4 Week programmes to help sculpt, shape and create a strong feminine physique.

As well as covering aspects of training with intensity, tempo, progressively overloading and touching on nutritional information to help guide you on your Little Black Dress Project journey.

JJS Fitness Online Programmes
JJS Fitness Online Coach

How to

Understand nutritional information and master the tools needed to create healthy habits and make better choices that will remarkably improve your health & fitness journey and overall wellbeing.

*This nutritional information, partnered with either Level UP or LBDP training programmes is designed to educate you, allowing yourself to make informed, nutritional decisions to hit your goals.

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